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Ceballos Research Laboratory

Field Work


A major focus in the lab is virus hunting. Isolating viruses and bacteriophage from freshwater, ocean water, soil, animal secretions, and other environments is a central activity. Although there are distinct nuances in methods for extracting virus (and host) samples from different environments, the core workflow is always the same. The videos below provide an example of some of the work that is done in the lab.

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Processing environmental samples to enrich and isolate virus (and host) genotypes is a multi-step process that requires cycles of filtration, enrichment, selection culturing, genetic/bioinformatic verification. The video below shows some of the processing steps required for obtaining single colony isolates (of hosts) in preparation for hunting select virus genotypes.



Research from the Ceballos Lab is permanently featured at a trail kiosk at Lassen Volcanic National Park.

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